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APH - Eva
"Would you stop that?!"
Austria pauses long enough to give Prussia a nasty glare before resuming his attempt to dig a circular hole on the marble floor.
Prussia is sitting spread-eagled on a sofa not far away, watching as his rival/cousin nervously pace in front of the door leading to Hungary's room.
"You're making me dizzy, Specs," Prussia drawls.  "Go make yourself useful and get me something to drink."
"Get it yourself!" Austria snaps.
Prussia grins.  It is already very easy to annoy Austria during normal circumstances.  However, it gets better when one irritates him when his nerves are already shot; his eyes take on a manic look, and the way he runs his hand through his usually impeccably combed hair causes the locks to stand up on their ends and join Mariazell without him even realizing it.
A scream from inside Hungary's room catches their attention, and without even thinking about it, Austria bolts inside, leaving Prussia alone at the hallways.
The s
:iconchaneljay:chaneljay 32 18
APH - Proposal
It was the latest most popular movie among women.  The story of a man and a woman meeting under a particular circumstance; their lives suddenly being swept into a whirlwind of events leading up to a blossoming romance.  Trouble then dared to step into this most precious of relationships, but it eventually led to a quick reconciliation, a sudden proposal, and finally to marriage and a happily ever after.
Typical chick flick.
Hungary absolutely loved it.  Austria, not so much, but he acquiesced if only because he knew how much she had looked forward to seeing it.  Men never usually had their way when it came to which movies to watch anyway.
That didn't mean he couldn't be a cynic though.
He especially couldn't understand why Hungary was gushing over the proposal scene, which all but took about 5 minutes in a movie that had been an hour and a half long.
Hungary had her hands clasped together and brought up to her face, her eyes sparkling as she reca
:iconchaneljay:chaneljay 21 27
APH - What She Never Knew
Standing still with a vacant expression on his face, Roderich watched as Ivan marched over towards where he and his emperor stood, with one of the Russian's hands firmly clasped around Erzsébet's arm.  The Hungarian's hands were bound behind her back; her skin marred with fresh wounds over old battle scars; her head held high in defiance, allowing him to see her green eyes seething with rage.
Genuflecting in front of the Austrian emperor, his hand still holding on to his captive's, Ivan then announced, "I've come to return the insurgent, as requested."
Roderich could feel Franz Joseph's eyes on him as he stepped forward.  "Thank you for your assistance, Ivan.  Please extend our gratitude to your emperor." he replied, his voice regal and steady.
"It is nothing.  The Tsar is just doing what he can to abolish these ridiculous revolutions that Francis had started so that we may all return to peace."
"Which is most fortunate.  Rest assured, one day, we shall re
:iconchaneljay:chaneljay 46 13
APH - The Beginnings of Change
(Vienna, 1959)
The meeting room was silent, save for the clinks of porcelain as the two men present helped themselves with the mid-afternoon snacks laid in front of them.  The larger one of the two was particularly savoring the tasty sweets, while the other looked at him calmly as he sipped his tea.
However, despite the seemingly casual attitude, there was definitely a huge amount of tension in the air.
“These are really good,” Ivan commented, munching on a sugar-coated cookie.  “You’ll have to teach me how to make these sometime.”
Roderich nodded stiffly.   “Gladly.  Although if you ask Erzsébet nicely, I’m sure she’ll be glad to show you.”
Ivan ignored the rather scathing remark and simply chose to indulge himself some more.
“Tell me, Ivan.  Is there any purpose for this particular visit?” Roderich pressed, wishing to get any discussion done immediately.
:iconchaneljay:chaneljay 15 61
APH - They Were Once His
Roderich's house was in chaos.
Not that it had never been an absolute mess before, especially after two great wars. But he had just barely managed to set things right after he was finally left alone again when the crisis struck. Now it seemed as if he had not made any progress at all.
People were everywhere. His once carefully kept gardens were filled with haphazardly set tents that ruined the manicured lawn. The hallways of his once seemingly empty house were filled to the brim with arms and limbs trying to find heat and comfort from the November cold. He was hardly able to play his piano anymore, as the music room was crowded. Even his own bedroom offered him no solace.
His original tenants were beginning to complain. Yet despite the fact that he was no longer capable of supporting any more people, still they flocked into his home seeking freedom and comfort. And he was not in any position to deny them what they sought.
After all, he had made a promise.
Just a little over a yea
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